Peng Changyi immediately understood what Ren Xiaoliang said“secretary”Who is it。Yajuan was transferred from Nanling,Zhong Mingyi’s fellow,No wonder Ren Xiaoliang is so enthusiastic,Not only do it yourself,Ask Yajuan to be the host of the golf opening ceremony,And sent someone to register for her,From Ren Xiaoliang’s attitude to please Yajuan,Peng Changyi knew that Yajuan must be transferred through Zhong Mingyi’s relationship。

For Yajuan,New arrival,In such a large event,Publicly gorgeous appearance Kangzhou,It’s an undesirable good thing,and so,Let her go to the countryside,Witness the hard work of the grassroots cadres,Tell Zhong Mingyi through her mouth,It’s also a way for Ren Xiaoliang to please the leader。Ha ha。
Thought of here,Peng Changyi smiled inwardly,Took the lead downstairs。The driver Gu hurried out,Trot and walk in front of Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi changed to a new Santana car,But didn’t change driver,He didn’t take Lao Hu’s suggestion,But listened to the minister’s teaching,He is also doing this consciously,He has to learn to deal with all kinds of people,Clean water without fish,Rat trap,This is what Wang Jiadong taught him。
“Director Peng,We have to take your car。”Ren Xiaoliang said。
Peng Changyi looked around,I didn’t see Ren Xiaoliang’s car,I remembered what Ren Xiaoliang said in the room,Maybe his driver went to register Xing Yajuan,Say:“Ok,Reporter Xing sat in the front row,We sit back。”
Halfway,Peng Changyi took out the phone,Said:“I asked the police station,See if they sent police?”
Peng Changyi wants to call the director of the police station,The director said that police have been dispatched,The deputy director took them there。
Peng Changyi breathed a sigh of relief,More than ten minutes to reach Lihetun,I saw the police car at the police station flashing lights,There are a lot of people around the village,Peng Changyi knew he had encountered resistance。
At this moment,Liu Zhong bowed his head and walked out of the crowd,Took out the phone and wanted to call,took a look,Dumped the phone again,There is no signal,He wants to call,Just looked up,I saw Peng Changyi’s car coming,He quickly put away the phone,Rushed to them。
original,They did meet resistance,Due to work in advance,These resistance did not come from the three sons,But from their old father。
The Bai family father,Take the whole family woman and children,And daughters and relatives,A total of ten people,Around the new house,Just don’t let go,Liu Zhong can’t do any work,The old man simply lay on the ground,Work is deadlocked。
Liu Zhong tried to contact the old man’s sons,I learned that the youngest son who was a teacher had asked for leave,The son of the Criminal Police Team in the Development Zone is not here either,It is obvious that no one in the family is there,Only the elderly, women and children are left to compete with the work team。