“in my heart,My daughter has always been my pride,Always!Without her,I can’t live long ago,It’s just that her father and I have never been worthy of being her parents。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s mother suddenly said happily,It seems that the sadness and pain just now,Compared with her daughter,It’s nothing。
Liu Xiaoyun won’t work in an instant……Two lines of tears rolled down her face in an instant。
Everyone in the room couldn’t help but sighed。
“Let’s go out for a meal,Today is your family reunion day,Although this day is a bit too late,But it’s better to come than not to come!Let’s go out and celebrate。”
Qin Liang suggested loudly。
“This……No need。”Liu Xiaoyun’s mother was immediately embarrassed……If you want to celebrate,Then this meal should be invited by Liu Xiaoyun and his family,But her money is only a few dozen yuan……The money Liu Xiaoyun gave her was deposited in the bank without any change,She wants to save for her daughter
Next money,I never let my daughter live a happy life before,She really wants to give her daughter a decent dowry in the future……
“No way,This time you have to listen to us!I promised to take Xiaoyun and Xiaoxue to a big meal yesterday,I just paid off today,Haha……”
Qin Liang is such a smart person,She glanced at the embarrassed expression on Liu Xiaoyun’s mother’s face,I know what’s going on,So I immediately found an excuse to invite their family to dinner.……
“How can there be so many joys and sorrows in the world??”
Sitting at the restaurant table,Murong Shan whispered to Shen Ruoxi。
She is in love with Jingjing,The story that happened to her,It’s not much inferior to the story of Liu Xiaoyun and his family……
“Fortunately, Xiaoyun and his family ended well。one way or another,Today is finally reunited。”
Shen Ruoxi said with emotion。
“But the price is too high!The husband seeks justice for his humiliated wife,But spent twenty years in prison,20 years after the daughter was born,I saw my father for the first time……”
Murong Shan said sighfully。
“Yes!How many twenty years in life!Xiaoyun’s mom and dad,The best life,Were sacrificed in vain,Also suffered their daughter Xiaoyun!”