The blogger just issued a reminder,Before his eyes,Zolena suddenly turned into white mist,A little toad jumped out of the white mist,Come to the feet of Bo Ren。

“hateful,What did you do to zoranna!”Said the blogger who picked up Zoranna。
After all, this is the first time Bo Ren encountered this kind of ninjutsu,I don’t know much about this kind of ninjutsu.,Naturally, I don’t know how to untie it。
As the person involved, Zoranna knew,But no matter how you remind the blogger, you can only make a croaking sound。
“Hum,Next to you,Kid,Watch me turn you into a toad!”
“You guy!”Although I took a step back subconsciously,But the blogger did not choose to escape,Experienced so much,Bo people have also grown,“Sorry,Zoriana,I will save you。”
The blogger who put Zoryana turned into a frog on her shoulders looked at the red wolf in front of him。
“Didn’t you run away?.”
“Don’t think of me as a fool!You should only be able to use this ninjutsu personally!In this case.”
A pair of golden nine-tailed claws protrude from the left and right sides of the blogger。
“Shadow clone!”
Two red wolves suddenly appeared,Pinch from left and right。
“You are not the only person who can do the shadow avatar!”After seeing the two shadow avatars Red Wolf attacking towards him,Bo Ren also immediately used the shadow clone technique。