I knew this,Why don’t we broadcast American and British dramas?,There are more viewers like that100Ten thousand!

Yang Feng received a call from the boss of Xiangnan Satellite TV this morning。
He told Yang Feng on the phone,He can’t stand the pressure anymore,Can only put《Sky Warrior》Put it late at night11On schedule。
Otherwise, because of the bad ratings,Advertisers don’t buy it,Bonuses are greatly reduced,Will go wrong。
Yang Feng can’t help it,Can only agree to his approach,And apologized to others。
what else can we do?
You can’t stand up by yourself,Can it be blamed for not being able?
How many years has Yang Feng been wronged like this??
So I get angry when I think about it!
He hadn’t thought of Shen Huan yet。
But after my daughter’s reminder,He remembered what he said to Shen Huan before“Data will not deceive”if。
For a time,He feels that his old face is a little red。
No way!
The next TV series and movies,Especially movies,Can’t go wrong anymore!
Otherwise it will be everyone’s laughing stock!
Think of here,Yang Feng picked up the phone,Called the president of Abao Entertainment:“Sang Choi,You call me someone from the production department for a meeting!”