The twenty-four-character mantra of correct values can suppress all negative energy,This is a well-known thing。

Shan Rou watched his body react many times,But I stopped that reaction many times,There is still some depression in my heart:
“It seems that my body doesn’t tempt him much,Is it because i’m old?”
Older women are like that,No matter how well maintained,Still have a deep inferiority complex,Very sensitive to the issue of age。
Thinking of Fang Hao’s excited eyes when he heard that he could become a Hanshen menswear advertising model,Sigh in my heart:
“Can I still only throw money??”
“Then spend money!”
“Anyway,I have money!”
Patted,Before you know it, it’s noon。
“unconsciously”It means that Shan Rou is indulged in shooting,I don’t know it’s noon。
A pretty little girl with a double ponytail hopped into this villa,Shouted while still in the lobby:
“Aunt Wang,I’m back,What’s delicious for lunch today?”
This little girl is Shan Rou’s daughter Tang Xiaodie,It will take more than a month to turn 16,Freshman。
This little girl is now in a rebellious period,And her mother is very troublesome,I always suspect that her dad Tang Yan was killed by Shan Rou,I even suspected that I was not Shan Rou’s biological。