Changxiao,Be dead。

Underground world,It is also the first time I saw a scene of the Tianzhu master.。
Not,From a certain extent,The strength of the Ji Bao bottle,Beyond God。
A few hegemonic reacted,When you want to hide,Desperate discovery,At all nowhere。
Whether they hide,Will be found one by one。
Then kill。
This not only shows the powerful strength of Ji Bao bottle,It is more exhibited from the other hand.……Extremely terrible intelligence capabilities。
It is said that,Medium and high level of almost every hegemonic force,There are people who have Jihuai bottles.。
these people……It’s all hidden for many years.,Did not expose the identity today。
Finally, two overlord are left,They sent a sound to the surrender。
However, the Ji Bao Bot is not allowed to pay attention to it.,Kill it in one day。
Whole Western underground world,I have a bloody storm in just three days.。
All big middle and medium-sighted power is full of despair and fear。
As for those hegemonics,Many so-called masters,Both become a cannon,Being born by Ji Bao bottle。
Next,Ji Bao bottle,Many first-class majors are named。
Surrender,Die!Next seven days,For the underground world,Absolutely a terrible disaster。
This disaster even affected the bustling world,Many politicians、Door valve、Consortium。
At the end,Even changing the entire international situation。
Seven days,How many people don’t know if the underground world?,There are many strong people to die.。
Strong、Weak,Such truth,The first red fruit exhibition is now in front of everyone.。
Seven days later,Ji Bao bottle third。
This time,She got out of the world with hundreds of valves and consortiums.。
Ask them to see her within three days。
If there is no big shuffle before,These valve consortium may not care。
But this time,They are really afraid.,Calling it is the bold and is not surprising。
period,No one helps to all parties。
However, there is an iron general fact that,Let everyone are desperate。
Western world,I can’t find someone to fight against the Ji Bao bottle.。
Others think of another four law enforcement。
After all, some people know the rules of law enforcers.,If someone traps the rule,The other four are common。
Just,Self-ended,The other four law enforcements have not been exposed。