after lunch,Two people go out together,Lu Wei sent Yue Lingxi to the subway station。

Looking at the subway station of people,Head hot sky,Lu Yi Junzhi will not have her hardships。
“Xixi,can you drive?”
Yue Lingxi shakes the head:“Not going to learn,I have time, I go to learn a driver’s license.。”
Lu Weijun:“good!be careful on the road,Call me。”
“I will,Pay attention to safety on your way。”Yue Lingxi said to get off,But I was pulled by Lu Yujun.。
Yue Lingxi looked at him,“What’s wrong?”
Lu Weijun leaned over,Kiss quickly on her lips,Low voice smiles:“Partly kiss!”
Yue Lingxi face instantly red,Looking at Lu Yujun hook the lips,Tone:“Lu Weijun,Hello sweet!”
Lu Weijun!
Lu Weijun, which is unequal, reacted,Yue Lingxi fast getting off。
I heard the closing sound he reacted。
immediately,He smiled,Smile stupid。
Girlfriend:“Hello sweet!”
What kind of feeling is this?? Fluttering!
Every cell of the whole body seems to be surrounded by a strong joy.。
To say sweet,She is the sweetest,Skinny beauty,Brunette like a waterfall,Between the eyebrows,Smile is also very sweet。
Lu Weijun looked at Yue Lingxi has already entered the subway station with Tang Yiyi.,He drove to leave。
not far away,A red sedan,Summer saw Lu Wei Jun sent Yue Lingxi to the subway station,Seeing two people intimate move,The whole person is surprised to open your eyes.,Are they together??
She has a touch of embarrassment.,Since this,Then she acts according to the plan.。
The subway station in Jiangyou is generally crowded.,Crowd more crowded at the weekend,Yue Lingxi and Tang Yi were squeezed in the subway.。
Tang Yiyi has seen Lu Wei Jun to send Yueling Creek to the subway station.,I want to ask if she has no chance.,The two can only be tense in the crowd。
Land,妤 妤 has never seen Lu Jun Jun from last night.,Mood is very lost。
Lu Yujun sent Yue Lingxi back,I haven’t come back。
The two don’t know what to do.,No one is picking Lu Jun’s phone.。
I haven’t had this situation before.,As long as she hits the phone of Xiaojun brother,Xiao Jun brother will pick up her calls again.,Even if there is no connection,Looking back, I will call her call.,And from last night to now,Xiaojun brother did not give her a call。
The crisis is strong than any time。
Is it because yesterday’s thing makes Xiao Jun brother disgusted her??
At this time,She saw Lu Yili from the upstairs,She immediately smiled and asked:“Kiki,Where is Xiao Jun brother going??Why didn’t you come back??”
Lu Yili looked at her,See her face,She also cooperated with a purification.。
In the heart:There is you at home.,I will come back in my brother.。
“My brother is working overtime in the company.。”
the other side,Lu Wei Jun has just arrived at the company,Song Yu is anxious to hold the phone and wait downstairs。
Seeing Lu Wei is coming,He is almost rushing。
Panting:“President,There is a virus invading our company’s interior.。”
A three-child,The president is super fierce
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