You are waiting.。”

“Ha ha”Blue Xin laughs laughs,Slight lower,抿 抿。
immediately,Look at the Song Si Si:“Miss Song,I should give it to you this.,Repeatedly retribution,How did you have a long lesson?。”
“My things can not be used to finger your hand.,Don’t think that you have a Lu Hao Chengyi to be mad.。”
Blue Xin is proud,“You have this,I also find a man who can take your man.,Don’t have this injury every time.,This lack of morality is,This is too fast.。”
Some men take her,Pet,She is eligible to proud。
Song Yisi snorted,Watching blushing scorn,“I never believe in any retribution.。
I only know,The strong is big,As long as there is money,What can be done?。”
Blue Xin looked at her confidence.,Just laughing,Where can she come so much confidence?,If you have money, you can do anything.。
“I wish you good luck.!”
Blue Xin smiled,Crossing her leave。
“Humph!What is 拽?”
Song Yisi hard,“kay,Don’t you say something??
Why do you speak every time she??”
Her position,Their two are standing on the united front。
kayLaugh,“I have nothing to say and she.。”
Not there is nothing to say,But some things can’t move to it.。
She looks serious about the Song Song:“correct,Is the company’s new product launched??
This two days of Su total,For us to fight for many times,How is your side ready??
This time you can’t fail again.,If it fails again,Hao always is not good。”
Song Yisi is depressed:“I have bought a few people over there.,I have never known the specific time of the new product.。”
She is also afraid that Lu Group gives her a few measures like a few times.。
“Your company is tomorrow。”
“Um,tomorrow,Some media have been connected,The online platform is all ready.,Our company is doing light luxury products,Small profit,Should be sailed soon。”
Song Yisi looked at her,“Just like you said,Su Sei Ming did something,Just fight for us。”
Song Yisheng smiled,“I really want to see what expression will be tomorrow.。”
kayLook at her confidence,I am relieved in my heart.。
but,Lu Hao Cheng’s doing style,Really let people feel。
“go in,Put your hand is optimistic,Take time work。” “Um!”
Two women walking proudly。
Blue Xin to find Lu Haozheng,She is flying,Didn’t feel bad because I encounter Song Si。
Sudden,A little girl runs around her,When she is wrong with him,Suddenly sliding down on the ground。