In addition to this,The most familiar, it should be the sixth blade of Germjo and the fourth blade of Urciola.。

Especially Uruqiola,The only slap in the breakfast,Equivalent to the solution of death。
Although it is the fourth blade,But the night feels that if Urchiora is shining in the second paragraph,The three blades in front should be not his opponent。
Although I didn’t figure out what the night is coming.,But Greemjo ran to the world,Originally, I want to kill these dead gods.,Naturally don’t go back。
Legs are like leopards,Ge Li stretches only one arm left,The claws are joined in the air.。
“Leopard king’s claw!”
Blue claws have Cut gold,At the same time,Instantly leave a deeper gully。
“冰 冰 冰 结 界!”
A fan is built by the cold ice,The threshold is also lifelike, the ice giant giant, the ice giant, from the underground,Resist in front of the night。
Blue Leopard King’s claws time to cross the ice threshold,Failure to break through,Can only leave deep claws on it。
But under the combo of Gremjo,The ice door is ultimately overwhelmed.,Federated。
But I haven’t waited for Gremjo.,How to take the other side into a fragment of the pawl of his Leopard King,After the threshold, the figure of the night disappeared again.。
“Junner!Flesh and blood、Vientiane、Beat、Crown!Coke and chaos、Sea in the sea、Step forward!
Thirty -nnale fire gun!”
The sound of the singing appeared behind Greemo,When he reacted,Responding to him is a red artillery。
Night full of barefiren,Power is not inferior,A close to the pastel face directly to the sky。
And just preparing a winning challenge at night,The sky is open in the empty seat.,And I have already gone from the two。
These two hair black a white,Dark hair figure,Appearance。
White-haired figure is a blink,Facial smile,I can’t see what he is thinking.。
“Gremjo,You violate the command of the blue dyeant,I will bring the officials to the world without authorization.,Now I will go back to us immediately.。”
The status of the city’s silver is obviously above the blade,At this time, I wake up with Ge Lemjo.。
But when he saw Ge Limjo, it has already entered it.“Blade”state,And a arm is still broken.,The whole body is also scarred,City pills are stunned again。
There is also a world“Blade”The post-Gremjo is playing this pair of guys?
And when the city, the silver is ready to ask,What is going on?,A blue chop suddenly covered him with him next to him.,It’s just a knife with a knife.。
Chapter 580 City Pills Captain,Yushu and I live together.
Today, two chapters have been updated in the morning.,So didn’t be updated in the evening.′`
I saw a huge caddy.,Ulciola’s first conscious is Takasaki“月 天 天”。
Hand reaching out in pour,Ulci Oli is just ready,Used before,By the hand to resist the moonlight,It is said that the city’s pill is silver.。
“39 round gate!”
City Pills are now implementing exhibition,Expand a circular shield in front of the two,Resist the hit cadres,Subsequently with Ulcheora to leave the original position。
It’s like a shield, the ghost, the gag, how long does it hardally?,It’s just a knife.。
Blue chopping is not subtracted through the black cavity,Finally disappeared in the sky。
At this time, Ulchiola also understands,just now“月 天 天”Absolutely not Shikasaki,His crescent rush absolutely no such strength,If you just use your hand,Now possible
Ulciola looked like a broken arm,I understand what the other party is going.。
“You can go,Then I am not very faceless.。”