At this moment, he is return on the way.。

Eighth movements of the road,Pathway rainbow,Has been cultivated by him to the third floor。
Flying the sky below the exhibition,It is like a stream of flow.,Blink is a thousand meters。
It is worth mentioning that,Behind the wings,Also become black。
Completely substantially,Like two crystal clear black jade。
But in the original old forest,It is not convenient to fly.。
Summer began to hiking。
This way,Just a month。
This day,I finally came to the edge of the floodry forest.,As long as it is out,There are up to three days.,Can returned to the neat hospital。
However, at this time,A very bad premonition,Pour a summer heart。
His face has changed,A pair of eyes Hawran shrink into the most dangerous needle。
I don’t want to think about it.,His shape is turning out,At the same time, the void suddenly。
Snake knife appears in the palm。
“call out!”
I saw a one foot long.、Half finger、Crystal clear,Near transparent short sword,As if it is broken。
Sudden flash。
This sword has no sword handle,But the coldness of the cold,Let people send a tremble from the soul,The bullish killing moment attacked throughout the body。
“call out!”
“咻咻 咻咻。”
More than one short sword。
The speed is too fast,Just like sunny days, there is no sign of flashing.,Six short swords from different directions,Different angles。
Seal the space of all retreat and flash in summer。
Flying sword!Summer,The shadow of death is shrouded in an instant。
Instance and survival desire,He waved the snake knife to bring a white light。
Since the speed is too fast,A cold light washing appeared under the body。
“Inad……”The gods of the earthquake is endless。
Snake knife constantly collides with a splash,A punch star flashed,As if a group of fireworks constantly bloom。
Moment of eternal。
Talk long,All this is like lightning。
Summer body has been turned into a touch of vain,Can’t capture with naked eye。