With the sound of the sound,Population,Seventeen and thick big people enter the field,For the first one in one person,With a pair of glasses,Very stinked,The face is gloomy and terrible。

It is the Meng family, who is heard in the rush.,Menghai。
I have learned the summer identity on the road.,But still didn’t expect him to be strong here.。
In his plan,Summer should be here,Holded the inside,Then give the season red……Can now be obviously inconsistent with the plan。
Don’t he don’t care about those people’s death??
http://www.duree.cn For the big family like Meng Ma,Want to investigate a person’s information,It’s too simple.。
Menghai naturally investigated summer,Know that he can play,I also know that he is good with the Thunder.。
but……So what!
Self-ended,Meng family did not put the summer in the eyes。
Moreover, there is a huge intention of temptation,They don’t mind let this person completely disappear in the world.。
But he didn’t think of it.,The other party actually called in。
“I am summer,How do you stay?!”
Summer quiet,Wedish by five or six people,There is no fear on your face.,The robinless cheek also has no fluctuation。
But in his scorpion, he has been driving endless killing.。
“young people,Here is a private residence,Do you know what you are doing??”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Acknowledge,“Seasonal http://www.ks-terminals.cn red,Let him come out to see me。”
“What season red!”Menghai frowned,“Here is our Meng family residence,It doesn’t matter from the season.,You are not used to use it.。”
Summer spit out two words,The eyes are sewing into a slit,The eyes of the inside is like flashing the knife。
See him,Menghai thought it was,Now drink,“Now I have an error now,otherwise……”
His voice is interrupted,Interrupting him is summer。
“I know that the seasonal red combined with Meng Chaoran and Longfei want to deal with me.。”Summer said,Look straight to him,Laugh,“It seems that I am wrong now.,It turned out that Meng Chaoran,But you are Mang family。”
“What are you talking?!”Menghai is shocked,I am angry and drink.,“young people,You are a strong word,Humph,The road I have pasted is more than you have eaten.。”
Hour time,Look around a big man,Cold channel,“Old knife,Give it to take him。”
Big man named old knife,Body to kill,Strength perfusion,Double foot steps,It’s like a baby cheetah,Summer。
It’s a dead hand.,All is the murder of the enemy in the army,Dragonfly,Shuttle with a harsh,It seems that there is a surrounding air to explode.。
Old knife,The soldiers of special brigade of a military zone,Due to a misunderstanding,Then I was hired by Meng’s high price.,Benghai’s personal bodyguard,Trust。
噼噼啪 啪 同 碰 撞 声 声 声,He is like a tiger,It’s like an eagle,Gas-fried body,Hand into a knife lightning like a summer neck and ear。
His speed is extremely fast,Great strength,Hedd to Xuanyuan,Walk screams in the air harsh,Don’t say that it is a vulnerable part of the human body.,Even if anywhere is next,Do not die。
Within the field。