“What happened to her as a police officer?I am also a policeman,Xiaoyun is also a policeman,Qiao’er and Xin’er are also police,cut。”

Shen Ruoxue replied nonchalantly。
Although everyone knows that she is playing with plums on purpose again,But her joke is a bit too much,Because of her“Tangled”,Make Meizi really embarrassed and unable to come to Taiwan。
So Meizi stopped talking……Not only stopped talking,The eyes are still red,This girl was entangled and cried by Shen Ruoxue!
“Koyuki,You are too much!I didn’t make a joke like that,Apologize to plum。”
Seeing the rhythm that Meizi’s tears are about to fall,Liu Xiaoyun also had to speak。
“Damn!You’re gonna cry!I was having fun with you,Why are you serious!Oh my God!sorry Sorry!I made a big joke,Don’t cry!”
Shen Ruoxue realized that Meizi had already burst into tears,Then I really panicked,Apologize,I reached out and hugged the plum。
But it’s too late to say these words,Meizi cried instantly,She is really wronged!I was blamed by my girlfriend for a long time for no reason,I’m still aggrieved and unable to tell the rhythm,Can you not be wronged?!Can you cry。
Meizi’s cry is terrible……Crying so much that this is a grievance,This is a broken heart,This is so pitiful!
“I was wrong i was wrong,My dear i was wrong,Don’t you cry。”
Know that I was in trouble,Shen Ruoxue is completely honest now,While apologizing to Meizi repeatedly,One side held Meizi tighter,Of course it is really hug,Without accidentally hug“Location”Kind of。
“You are too much!Nowhere……you are so……Joking with others!”
Meizi sobbed and cried out her grievances,A little pitiful look,Where is the image of the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Haishang City Public Security Bureau?。
“Koyuki,I think you really deserve to be beaten。”
Yang Shiyun frowned and said to Shen Ruoxue。
“Haven’t I been apologizing?!I didn’t mean to make things difficult for her,I was just joking with her,Sorry plum,Sister was wrong,I sincerely apologize to you。”
Shen Ruoxue knows he is wrong,I had to continue to coax the mourning and weeping plum,Can bully the shrewd and capable female detective captain to this point,Shen Ruoxue is truly the invincible rhythm in the world。
“Alright plum,do not Cry,Xiaoxue is joking.,You don’t know her,She definitely didn’t entangle you on purpose,Don’t worry about it,Let’s beat her together in a while。”
Liu Xiaoyun had to help Shen Ruoxue coax Meizi。