Qin Liang finished saying this,Stretched out two hands and hugged Shen Ruoxi。

“Do not……Qin Liang,I’m wrong,I know wrong,I shouldn’t wrong you……”
Seeing Qin Liang is coming,Shen Ruoxi panicked,Immediately subdued。
“No way,I have to kiss and touch what I said today。”
Shen Ruoxi’s soft words begging for peace“Vulnerable”Struggling,It inspired Qin Liang’s courage,He grabbed Shen Ruoxi’s coat with both hands and moved it to the side,Took off her coat。
“I do not want!”
Shen Ruoxi wants to struggle,But her little strength is ridiculous in front of Qin Liang。
For a short while“fight”Rear,Shen Ruoxi was finally pressed against the wall with her hands behind her back。Don’t let her talk anymore,Qin Liang has kissed her……
Shen Ruoxi has fantasized about the romantic scene of her first kiss countless times,But she just didn’t expect,When the real first kiss comes,She was“Wall dong”of……
Qin Liang’s kiss is arrogant and domineering,Shen Ruoxi barely struggled for a few seconds before she fell completely。
Qin Liang“greedy”Kiss Shen Ruoxi,This moment,He has been waiting for a long time,Finally waited today,He wants to enjoy this belated happiness。
I don’t know how long I have been kissed by Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxi feels as long as a few centuries have passed,Despite being looted by force,But Shen Ruoxi’s heart gave birth to a desire to be plundered like this by Qin Liang。
Unknowingly,She began to try to respond to Qin Liang’s plunder。
This is more than a year after Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi got married,It’s the first time to have such an intimate act like a real couple。
at last,Qin Liang let go of Shen Ruoxi’s mouth,He hugged Shen Ruoxi hard,Put her on the bed。
“Do not,Really not today……”
Shen Ruoxi really panicked this time,Woman’s instinct tells her,What will happen next,But she knows her physical condition,She is still“Unlucky”What,Can’t do that with Qin Liang。
“I do not care,Must today。”
Qin Liang is in high spirits,Where can I control myself,He held Shen Ruoxi with one hand,Unbutton her shirt with the other hand。