She took the initiative to kiss me:“sorry!I blamed you。”

I said:“I’m too busy,I did treat you badly,Do you have any plans for National Day?”
She was embarrassed:“I don’t know what arrangements you have,So on National Day, I made an appointment with Song Qi and others to go to the Shashi,Or i push over there,Come with you!”
I was relieved:“Don’t push,National Day Martial Arts Hall also needs training,I may only have time for the last two days,You are going to play,I’m free to contact you。”
“Ok!”She happily agreed。
I smiled:“Tell you a secret,I bought a house today,I will take you to play!”
Xiang Qingru’s surprised way:“Why are you buying a house quietly??”
He whispered in her ear:“Do something you love to do!”
“You are full of bad thoughts,I won’t go with you!”
“The house has been bought,You can’t go。”My domineering way:“Don’t go back tonight,It’s lonely to live in a hotel by myself anyway,You happen to be with me。”
Xiang Qingru was taken aback,Wailing:“This……Too sudden!I’m not ready yet!”
I smiled:“Sleep with me today,I promise not to move you,I hope to save our first time to the new house。”
Xiang Qingru hesitated for a long time,Finally made up his mind to agree。
The two left the North Campus,After seeing the hotel from a distance,I will show her,Tell her which room,Just walk over。
Back to the room,He didn’t lock the door,5Minutes later,Push the door open,sweating a lot,Panting Xiang Qingru walked in,Close the door quickly,Then I patted her with a large scale and let out a sigh of relief。
I poured her a glass of water,She took a breath and drank it,It seems that the few minutes just consumed her energy。
“Just enter a hotel,What are you doing like running a marathon?”I am funny。
“I observed it first,Then ran up in one breath,What should I do if someone finds out like this?!”
“What is this,There are too many young people opening houses near the school,Love between men and women is human,No one can control。”
“You come less,Found by your beautiful girlfriends,You can’t eat and walk around!I think for you and you still don’t care。”Her airway:“Next time I walk in swaggeringly,Let them discover,Divided with you,You only belong to me。”