Just when Xia Jiangang hung up the phone,Song Fang and Wang Youfa came over。Wang Youfa took a long breath and said:“My dad has a great resentment towards me and my second child,He would rather believe in your big enemy,Don’t want to believe us。But as the eldest son of Lao Wang’s family,I still have the right to speak。Hospital can’t sell,This is my bottom line”

“In order to cure the disease,What can’t be sold?”
Yao Chunjun ran over,She said with anger in her voice。
Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youfa and Song Fang said:“You think the problem is too simple,This hospital has taken out several million loans from the bank,You may not even have enough loans once you sell it,I don’t know what you are fighting for?”
First2703chapter Be generous
Song Fangyi listened,The eyes are bigger than the circle。She stared at Xia Jian,Asked ferociously:“What you said is true?Didn’t Wang Youcai say he is rich??”
“He didn’t open a banknote printing factory,His money is also earned slowly,This is accounted。In addition,Do you think opening a hospital can be done by hundreds of thousands??That’s a matter of tens of millions。Do you want to sell!You take the money out first,Repaid the bank loan。and also,Even if you sell the money,Then we have to pay back each http://www.jiao120.cn shareholder’s money first。and also……”
“Ouch!OK。I just said casually,What does this have to do with me?”
Song Fang heard Xia Jian say this,She became a little impatient。She quickly interrupted Xia Jian,Then he pulled a handful of Wang Youfa and said:“Let’s go back!Anyway, people have a ward,We can’t help much。Come back tomorrow,Let Chunni watch tonight”
“I don’t know what the old man means,Such a big thing,Don’t let the second child be notified,Also ask an outsider to help。It seems in his heart,Only Wang Youcai is his son”
Wang Youfa frowned,Said in a very unhappy cold voice。
Xia Jianyi listen,Ask Wang Youfa quickly:“What exactly is going on?Who hit?There is no King Fa”
Wang Youfa glanced at Yao Chunni secretly,Then pulled Xia Jian to the other end of the passage,Then he lowered his voice and said:“What Wang Youcai did is a bit http://www.guang618.cn embarrassing,It seems to be with a female subordinate in the hospital,Beaten by this woman’s ex-husband”
“You talk nonsense。This woman is called Julan,And I belong to the same village。Her husband Chen Donghai is a bastard,Keep beating her,So I divorced later。Everyone knew each other when we were in Chencun,Look at her pitiful widow and orphan,So sometimes help him,Where is it like you said?Didn’t the police also say it?!Youcai and Julan are standing in the yard,Chen Donghai rushed in and beat You Cai。Don’t you know this”
Yao Chunni suddenly emerged from behind Wang Youfa,She said to Wang Youfa angrily。
Wang Youfa was taken aback by Yao Chunni’s sudden appearance。He shivered all over,Then said with an embarrassed face:“I didn’t catch what the police said,I also guessed wildly”
“You guessed your own brother so wildly?All right!Go http://www.szht92.cn with sister-in-law!No need for you here,Don’t come tomorrow”