The beauty of the beauty of the country is different.


The beauty of the beauty of the country is different.

Women in the world have their own styles and have their own characteristics.

The romance of French beauty, the beauty of Indian women, the elegance of British women, and the free and easy of American women have become topics of great interest.

In addition to differences in geography, culture, etc., different ways of health care for women in different countries, different maintenance tips, and distinctive “playing” methods are the key factors that create different exotic styles.

Let’s take a look at what women’s favorite “playing” methods are, and how they can play magical effects.


French woman: Wine SPA wine has always had a magical effect on the body and beauty of the woman, and in order to maintain the beauty, the French who have always spared the blood this time have updated ideas.

In the wine country of Bordeaux, France, the Spa Spa has an upgraded version – the wine spa, and has become the new favorite of fashion people.

銆€銆€The winery specializes in setting up a complete wine spa treatment system for women, in addition to grape juice skin care, red wine mud and other items, as well as the most intoxicated wine spa 鈥?oak barrels filled with wine, plant essential oils andDead sea mud, soak for 20 minutes, then use wine yeast, honey and essential oils for body dressing.

Slowly slide the body into the steaming light red wine, and the body will be slightly warm and comfortable.

After 15 minutes, the beautician will perform a soothing massage of the whole body with essential oils, accompanied by a light background music, which makes people feel drowsy.

The wine spa treatments include wine baths, wine body massages and various facial treatments, which are expensive and cost half a day for up to 150 euros.

銆€銆€The toxic antioxidants in wine help people stay young and detoxify and beauty.

In the beauty shop, customers can enjoy a whole set of services related to wine products, in addition to grape juice skin care, red wine mud mask, also equipped with the most popular wine spa for women, filled with oak barrels of wine, plant essential oil and Dead SeaMud, beautifully take a shower, then use wine yeast, honey and essential oils to make a body wrap, while enjoying beauty, you can also relax.


Soviet woman: Fitness ball The fitness ball originally originated in Switzerland.

Originally used as a rehabilitation medical device to help those with motor nerve damage restore balance and exercise capacity.

With its role in coordination, rehabilitation of the waist, back, neck, hip and other functions, it has gradually been extended to promote a popular health movement, and spread to the United States, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world, widely popular, long-lastingdecline.

It is also the first choice for pregnant women’s activities.

銆€銆€Fitness balls can train muscle groups in the chest, abdomen, back, hips, legs, legs, etc., and these muscle groups play an important role in maintaining body balance, improving body posture and preventing sports injuries.


Indian woman: Yoga Yoga originated in India, and more than 5,000 years of history and culture have been called “the treasure of the world.”

Yoga originates from the Himalayas in northern India. When ancient Indian yogis practiced entities in nature, they inadvertently discovered that various animals and plants are inherently capable of treating, relaxing, sleeping, or staying awake.Healed naturally with any treatment.

Therefore, the ancient Indian yogis observe and imitate and personally experience according to the posture of the animal, creating a beneficial body exercise system, which is the body position method.

These postures have been tempered for more than 5,000 years, and yoga teaches people the cure, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

銆€銆€There are several systems of yoga and there are many ways.

Nowadays, in Europe and America, Australia has a large number of yoga clubs, performing asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Even many big companies have invited some yoga instructors to the company to teach employees how to relax.

In China, the pace of development is also quite fast, and now basically every city has a yoga club.


American woman: sunbathing is a method of using sunlight to exercise or chronic diseases, mainly to let sunlight shine on human skin, causing various physical and chemical reactions to achieve the purpose of fitness and treatment.

Sunbathing is often combined with a cold bath and an air bath.

銆€銆€In the 1920s, CocoChanel accidentally exposed a bronzed skin while traveling on a yacht, and then caused a sunbathing trend in the fashion world, which is the popular origin of modern sunbathing.

At that time, the Victorian era was just over, and the young people who had been freed from the bondage danced the weird Charleston dance.

Sunbathing is like a gorgeous short skirt, short curly hair and new things like cars, and it seems to be a symbol of freedom in that era.

銆€銆€Sunbathing is also known as tanning. Through excessive exposure, it will form a sunburn burn called so-called “sunburn”.

The original origin of M茅xico is like its name “sun tanning” – sunbathing.

The emergence of the United States and the Black in the West is the middle of the last century. It represents a sun-baked culture of Europeans and Americans – enjoying the sun.

The beauty and the holiday are directly linked together, and the holiday is inseparable from the sunny beach.The beauty of the black has almost become a symbol of identity.

People with a bronzed skin show that they often go to the sunny, expensive and expensive resorts to soak in the sun, so “black skin” is the best business card to show identity.


Chinese women: The most important thing for dietetic food is nutrition.

In fact, Chinese medicine practitioners have long recognized that food is both nutritious and can cure diseases.

For example, Zhang Xichun, a modern medical doctor, pointed out in the “Medicine in the West” that food “patients, not only cure the disease, but also lead to hunger; not only to fill the hunger, but also to be palatable, use the symptom, the disease is gradually getting worse, that is, not symptomatic,There is no other problem.”

It can be seen that the food itself has the functions of 鈥渘urturing鈥?and 鈥渉ealing鈥?

Traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to the characteristics of food in terms of “nurturing” and “governing”.

At present, traditional Chinese medicine diet, as an ideal and effective medical care method, has received more and more attention from the domestic medical and nutrition circles, and has become an important part of modern human health care comprehensive measures.

銆€銆€The more classic saying is that food is the best medicine for human treatment. Diet is to replace the medicine with food to treat the disease, restore the function of the cells, and restore the health of the human body.

Advanced balanced nutrients can enhance the function of cell nutrition and metabolism, and enable cells to obtain powerful energy. At the same time, they can activate the cell immune immune gene, increase the cellular immune activity, and multiply the number of immune cells; enable immune cells to release a large amount of specificity.The immunoglobulin directly kills the bacterial virus that invades the cell, directly neutralizes and removes the physicochemical substances absorbed by the cell; the strong immune cell can directly phagocytose the dead cells and discarded metabolites, and help the function of the functioning cells to recover.To achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine, said: drug treatment is not as good as food treatment, and food is the best medicine for human treatment.

He believes that the natural immunity of human talent is the true terminator of the disease.


Thai woman: SPA in the narrow sense SPA refers to spa beauty and health, a variety of SPA, including cold water bath, hot water bath, alternating hot and cold bath, sea bath, hot spring bath, tap water bath, each bath canTo some extent, the muscles and nerves are contracted, the toxins are eliminated, the disease is prevented and treated, and the spa is combined with various aromatic oil massages to accelerate the slight burning and have a slimming effect.

銆€銆€Broadly speaking, SPA includes people’s possible spa treatments, aromatherapy, bathing, going to the corners, and more.

Modern SPA mainly through the five sensory functions of the human body, namely, hearing (effect music), taste (flower tea, healthy eating), touch (massage, contact), smell (natural aromatic oil), vision (natural or natural landscape, humanity)Environment), etc. to achieve all-round relaxation, the combination of fine, qi, and god, to achieve body, mind, spiritual relaxation, now SPA has evolved into a synonym for modern beauty.

Spa is the most common form of SPA.

According to the name of the SPA, it originated from a small town called 鈥淪PA鈥?in Belgium during the Roman Empire, because the hot springs are famous for beauty and even cure diseases.

In modern times, scientists have uncovered the secrets of hot springs. The essential oils in the water are concentrated in the upstream water by thousands of flowers and trees in the local mountains.

So now people are simulating the construction of a similar environment and water quality, setting the health and bodybuilding effect on the human body, which is the modern “SPA”.

銆€銆€SPA has different themes, some prefer relaxation, soothing, detoxification treatment; some focus on bodybuilding and slimming; some heavy aromatic oils, marine living water or pure herbal therapy.

But no matter what type of SPA, it does not deviate from satisfying the guest’s hearing (effect music), smell (natural flowers and aroma), vision (natural landscape), taste (healthy food), touch (massage care) and thinking (inner relaxation))) The basic needs of six kinds of pleasant senses.

銆€銆€The pleasure of the SPA is to find an outlet for the pressure of inner hoarding. It is shocking, heart and spirit to achieve a balance of harmony and balance, let people taste.

Body, mind, and spirit are the dreams of modern urban people who are in a healthy state.

The pleasant fragrance of the SPA is to care for and comfort from the body, mind and spirit, to care for your face, to care for your heart, to make you full of vitality from the inside out.