I want to consider the shares with Su big brother.,After all, we are all on a battles.,Golden brother has opened more than a do one for himself, and it is ready to go out or continue to fight with Li Mei.?”

The 588th chapter new proposal
Li Hui’s words opened,Let Su Chang and Jin Mingwu。
Because Su is from beginning to end, I don’t want to get into dyeing into the theme of Jin Mingwu.,After all, Jin Mingwu belongs to the gold home.,And the background is not weak in the existence of Li Jia.。
He didn’t think that Li Hui fell in this time, dared to make such a problem.,This is settled in the Jinming’s military team.。
According to the idea of Suwa,People like Jin Mingwu as long as they stay neutral, don’t help Li family.,After all, I want to get a few hotels as a golden home. It should also be light.。
Jin Mingwu looked at Li Hui’s serious look,The first time he feels that Li Fah is not what he thinks is so smart.。
“Hey-hey,Li brothers,The channels of our theme restaurants are not all yours??
And the shares or non-participants are all Li brothers you.,You are shaite,The money earned is not fixed yet.?”
“Hey-hey,To be honest, I have the emotion between Su Da Ge with Golden Brother.,I have never thought about making money.,Golden Big Brother I feel worthwearing,And this time I am going to be with Li Mei, I really is truly than once.,So I don’t want to surprise this time.,Golden Big Brother is my biggest relying on the mountain.,I want to tie Golden Big Brother to me.,Naturally I want to share it.,How much is the shares?,What is important is to be tied with Golden Big Brother?。”
Li Hui’s power is strong,But let Jin Mingwu have some difficulties。
After all, his thoughts have always been neutral,But I didn’t want to intervene.。
He has not investigated the background of Li Hui Feng.,Li Mei’s background is there,It is he is not willing to provoke the existence,After all, once it is provoked,It is the existence of Li’s long or Li Xianer.。
Others, he is not afraid,Only Li Xianer did have to prevent,That is called a demon,The existence of the arrogant woman。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,Your idea is actually not necessary,To be honest, these restaurants are things that are fur.,If you want to enter the share,I all give you all,But you said to be tied together,Simple Li Mei, I am still saying.,But once Li Xianer joins,I can’t hold it.。”
Say by Jin Mingwu,Li Hui Feng is also a little awake。
He feels that it is something unsatisfactory.,Actually, it is to force Jin Ming Wu to do the choice.。
“Hey-hey,Golden brother said this,Although I want to pull Golden Da Ge on a battleship,But encounter http://www.gsp12580.cn Li Xianer’s existence,I definitely not be a hard golden brother.。”
“Hey-hey,Li’s brother has this idea,The theme restaurant Li your brother is preparing to enter the stock?”
Jin Ming’s words,Let Li have a little embarrassed to laugh.。
“Golden brother said so,If I go to share the stock, I don’t know it.,Golden big brother is free to develop,And I also want to think about this new hotel in Su big brother.,Return to Su big brother。”
Li Hui Feng, this decision makes Jin Ming’s heart very satisfied.。
He is optimistic about Li Hui,Is it this kind of atmosphere??
Atmosphere,But from the long run,Li Hui is definitely unable to earn。
Because the supply channel is Li Hui’s,How to make money again,Then Li Hui Feng this is definitely the first person.。
I will give up some things at this time.,It is the http://www.80must.cn most sensible choice in Jinmingwu’s eyes.。
Su Qing also didn’t think that Li Hui Feng will say this.,You have to know that he is only 30% of shares.。
Now Li speaks through the wind and suddenly exits.,He didn’t even understand that Li was planning.。
“Lee brother,What do you mean by this??
You don’t work with your brother.?”
Su Liang is known,If Li speaks from Jin Mingwu,He will definitely pick up,After all, he is in the magic.,But those people are just nine cows than Li Jiayi.。
What big use is can’t be used。