But this is not the key。

The key is that the Baihua Group is on the rumor tip.。
It is accidental coincidence,Still?
Although I have only seen Longteng cloud,But the old fox is extremely hidden,And very good face。
Moreover,Even if summer red clothes really press the dragon,Summer does not think that the dragon’s home is in the hometown.,Need a whisper to ask the moon to do and。
To know,Everything in summer and dragon,All began in Longfei。
And Longfei wants to kill the cause of the summer again and again,Since the moon。
Not exaggerated,The http://www.stdz158.cn moon is the starter that caused the Dragon’s today’s situation.。
Longteng Cloud called the moon forgive?
I don’t believe in him in summer.。
I am afraid that the moon is also believed.,Otherwise, you will not call yourself.。
But the old fox of Longteng Yun did this.。
“Brother,I feel that this is some abnormal.,So I want to tell you。”
The sound of the moon,“I rejected him directly in the phone.,But he seems unwilling,Said to come to Qinghai,Apologize to me。”
“He is coming to Qinghai?”
Summer is more confusion,Follow-up,“Just apologize to you personally?”
“Um,Is such that。”
http://www.jcnuv.cnSummer meditation,But don’t work,Sink,Say,“After he came to Qinghai,Do you inform me?,correct,Be careful of the old guy,I am afraid that he is not well。”
“Um,I know……”
The two people talk about a few words.,Hastily hang up the phone。
Looking at the phone in summer,Ready to ask Xia Xue to call a phone call,Dragon family was really pressed to the point where the mountain is exhausted.?
But just at this time,The office of the office is ringing the ring.。
Summer frown,Now pick up the phone。
“Is the summer minister?,The hall has a sirman who surnamed Chen to find you.,He has been there once before,He said to see you alone。”
Summer,Immediately,“thanks,Let him come to my office.。”
Hang up,Ignite a smoke in summer,Smoky,The eyebrows are slightly cooked.。
About Mo three minutes,http://www.jingxinzhilv.cn Knock on the door sound。
Summer walking in the past,A appearance of ordinary but temperament is coming in。
This person is the founder of Tiantian,Code。
Turn the door in summer,Directly open the mountain,“There is no monitoring here,Say,looking for me。”