Chinese medicine qigong beauty can improve physical fitness


Chinese medicine qigong beauty can improve physical fitness

Qigong comprehensively adjusts people’s physiology, so it can maintain a youthful vitality both physically and psychologically. The appearance on the appearance is radiant, not white, eyes are not flowers, ears are not silent, teethNot loose.

This is the beauty effect of Qigong.

銆€銆€Qigong beauty is a way to achieve therapeutic or health care through qigong exercise.

Various physical rejuvenation techniques in Qigong can be used for beauty.

Because the gas function comprehensively adjusts the human physiology, it can bring a deeper beauty to the shape and temperament.

銆€銆€Qigong Beauty, like ordinary Qigong, achieves the purpose of exercise through the methods of adjusting body, adjusting interest and adjusting heart.

銆€銆€Tonality refers to the exercise of posture or movement.

There are many postures for practicing, each with its own form, but there is a general requirement for them to be beneficial to the operation of the blood inside the body, and the five internal organs.

After posing, you should pay attention to the adjustment of the facial features, so that you can have eyesight (that is, the inner view of the drape), the rhyme of the ear (that is, forget the sound), adjust the nose (that is, adjust the softness into the fine), and sigh the tongue))), light teeth (ie teeth bite).

Because the five senses are connected with the five internal organs, the five internal organs are connected with the five gods. Therefore, after the above postures are set, the five senses, the five internal organs, and the five gods can be combined.

Action refers to the action when practicing the power.

Because of the similarity with gymnastics, the movement is similar to the function of evacuating the meridians, running the blood, and exercising the body, making the body light and healthy, and bodybuilding.

銆€銆€Adjusting interest refers to the exercise of breathing and internal gas. It is the main part of practice and an important part of Qigong beauty.

People’s breathing activities are autonomous, but through exercise, they can be artificially controlled to better play its role.

The human breath is dominated by the lungs, and the lungs are the mainstay. Therefore, the clean air sucked from the natural world not only enriches the infuriating, but also further promotes the operation of the blood in the whole body, making the whole body qi and blood, the internal organs and the limbs.楠烽珔 Get bred, this is the foundation of bodybuilding.

The blood is full, the talents are not easy to get sick, and the person can enjoy the beauty and the hair.

Qi plays an important role in the beauty of people.

The luster of the face is closely related to the rise and fall of the gas. Whether or not there is a complexion, once the gas is strong, there is a luster and a god, so that even a blackish, yellowish complexion can give people a sense of beauty.

The qigong’s interest rate adjustment is just tempering and inflating, so Qigong exercise can make the facial color normal and achieve the beauty effect.

銆€銆€Tuning refers to the exercise of mind.

The human mind activity is the function of the mind and heart, so it is tempered.