The swallow asked on a whim……

“I have a hasty!What are you talking nonsense?I actually thought about many possibilities,But I didn’t think about the possibility you just mentioned。”
Qin Liang said decisively。
“Have you ever thought about……We two will meet again one day?”
Swallow asked again。
“If I said I have always thought about it,Do you believe?”
Qin Liang answered without hesitation。
“Yep,I believe!As long as you say,I believe。”
Swallow said meaningfully,A strange light flashed in my eyes……
Qin Liang stopped talking,Rather, I also browsed the busy street scene outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows。
Yanzi sees Qin Liang’s silence,So I turned my face to look outside with him。
“How easy our life is now。”
After a moment of silence,Qin Liang suddenly came out。
“But I am a little worried……I am worried that such a comfortable life will be too long,Will wear off our fighting spirit and courage,I am worried that if we need to re-enter the battlefield in the future,We won’t be who we were before。”
The swallow said thoughtfully。
“What do you mean?”
Qin Liang turned his face and asked。“Like myself……Whether it was fighting on the battlefield before,Or what task to perform,I have no worries,Not afraid of death!But it’s different now,Now I have care in my heart,I can’t bear to live now,Reluctant to be home,Reluctant to be around
Every loved one!You said,Such me,How can you fight bravely??I am scared to death……”
Swallow said tangledly。