This kid’s repair method is very naive,Teach him this myself。

“Fortunately, I only said he was half a master,If you talk about a master,The ability to recognize antiques is that my master is inferior to him,This time I haven’t lost my face to grandma’s house。”
Zhang Lao suddenly wanted to pass,I was hit by Chen Xiu just now and my little heart was repaired all at once,Shouted excitedly:“Lao Jia,Give me a Kande,I want to celebrate。”
Old housekeeper Jia is at a loss,It’s been many years since I saw my old man’s sorrow and joy change so quickly。
Chen Xiu is sitting here on the Bentley Tim Yue that Zhang Lao arranged to send him back,Only halfway,The phone rang,It turned out to be the phone of the treasurer Bai。
“boss,Someone took a painting to sell,I’m not sure,I want you to come back and test it yourself。”
“What kind of picture is it?Who is the seller?I’m rushing back now,You tell me the specific things in advance。”
“it is good,The seller is an old lady,What I want to sell is a candlestick chart of Wu Daozi……”The shopkeeper Bai spent a few minutes briefly telling the story。
“understood,I will be there soon……You give me stability first。”
“it is good。”
51 Candlestick chart
Ten minutes later,Chen Xiu hurried back to the store。
“Mrs. Lin,This is the boss outside。”The treasurer Bai introduced。
Mrs. Lin looked like an old man,It’s almost 80 if there is no ninety。
“boss,Hello。”Granny Lin is about to stand up。
“Oh yo,You always can be my grandma,Don’t do this,I can’t stand it。”
Chen Xiu hurriedly asked Mrs. Lin to sit down,Said to the treasurer:“Painting,Let me see。”