Qin Liang surrendered,Changed to another girl,He is confident enough to deal with,But Liu Rushi suddenly came up with such a work,He really couldn’t adapt!

“Yep……You are taking me to a big meal tonight。”
Liu Rushi thought about it seriously。
“OK,no problem,I’ll take you to eat whatever you want。”
Qin Liang laughed immediately,Such a requirement without difficulty,Too easy to satisfy。
“And there is!You have to buy me snacks。”
Liu Rushi continues to add,Actually she said so much,There is only one fundamental purpose,To coax Qin Liang from getting angry……On the surface, she is doing various,Actually the purpose is for the other party。
This is a method that many girls in love often use,It’s a pity that most men don’t understand,Girl’s thoughtful way of thinking,Basically, few men will understand。
“it is good,How much do you want,I will buy you as much……Any more?”
Qin Liang smiled bitterly and agreed,He feels he is coaxing the child now,It’s just that this kid is beautiful,Sexy body,Let him always have an urge to possess her。
“and also……I’ll tell you when I think about it。”
Liu Rushi accepts it after seeing it,Smart girls know that they can stop doing anything for their boyfriend。There must be a degree in everything,pass,It’s not good。
“Don’t find a luxury hotel,Let you take a bath?”