Everything has been planned perfectly,The next step is to implement it step by step.。

Li Chenfeng saw the black widow Xuan Jian said in his mansion,And the fourteen assassins。
how to say,These people are barely enough in Li Chenfeng’s eyes,Even this black widow,It’s just the beginning,Not to mention top swordsmen like Xuanjian and Jingyu,Even Sanniang Mei is much better than her。
And although the other party’s ruthless silk is powerful,But if you really encounter someone with a copper head and iron arm sword like Dianqing or Mei Sanniang,Just to be restrained。
But her ability is the best choice for assassination,Especially in advance with the ruthless silk cloth under the net array,Even both vertical and horizontal can be trapped for a moment,Not to mention some other little ones。
Generally speaking, he is quite satisfied with these people。
But Li Chenfeng is happy,But the black widow kneeling down and the fourteen assassins are a bit uncomfortable。
Because it was the first time we met,So Li Chenfeng did not deliberately hide his strength,He needs to form a shock to these people。
But even if it only shows a little breath,Has entered the congenital peak and promoted to the top master,And Li Chenfeng, who has a great sword spirit, has also given endless coercion to these people below。
Especially when Li Chenfeng glanced over everyone,Make them feel like they have a sharp sword,Sweeping back and forth above their heads,A biting chill hits the sky from the soles of the feet。
After Li Chenfeng glanced at everyone,Turning his head to look at the expressionless startled salamander next to him。
“These people will be yours,I am optimistic about Daliang City in the next time,I don’t want anyone to ruin my plan。”
The expression of the scared salamander has not changed at all,The voice is cold:“Yes!”
Waved away these people,Li Chenfeng is going to visit the military camp outside the city。