Waiting for Faba, from his office,Chen Linzhi calculates the time difference,Playing a call to Anna Atas。

Anna Atas is still in France,Complament after brief communication:
“List,I may not make Dior,This company is temporarily missing,The chairman of the board is always perfunctory,It seems that I want to accept my financing,But don’t give me an accurate reply。I will stay in France.,Otherwise, you will count.,I bought a ticket to go back to San Francisco tomorrow.,Or go home again。”
“……May be contradiction between http://www.czshunhao.cn shareholders,So I hesitated。”
Chen Linzhi once commissioned Goldman Sachs Consultation Institution,Help to investigate the environment of the European luxury industry,Dior as a key target,The data is most detailed。
He still remembers the document.,Dior Dior in the first two years,Behind Bener·Arno French,Family companies as mortgages,Completed the acquisition of snake swallowments,Gradually let Dior brand will return to life。
It is because Dior’s situation is difficult,Chen Linzhi suggested Anna Tasia to pick it up,I think it is easy。
See your girlfriend,Chen Linzhi faces no light。
Give advice:“I am busy.,Otherwise you have played more days in Paris.,I will talk with you next weekend.?Don’t worry about your money is also a good thing.,Explain that Dior’s financial situation is really improved,If you can’t, http://www.i-messages.cn I will accompany you to invest.lvhgroup。”
Anna Tatasia is just a small assistant,Commercial actual combat capacity is general,I can’t find a home bone,Privilege,Take a good time to visit the Louvre。
Front hang up,Then Chen Linzhi also called the Goldman Sachs Consultation Department to buy a message,Sopement about all the most recent Dior companies。
Lying down and analyzed,Guess is that it is because of Anna Atasian conditions.,Can’t touch Dior board,More than a thousand US dollars said more, not much, there are few more,It is difficult to support Dior to get a few new stairs。
If this is this,So more easily solved。
Chen Linzhi can completely take stock to make a money from bank loans.,It is also possible to have a surprisingly amazing Xiwu Group’s stocks.,Go and join Anna Tasia to finance Dior。
From last http://www.jhyamy.cn year to the next year,In the His Holding Many Real Estate Projects and the Westwood Group,Shares rose all the way,A fanaticism,Chen Linzhi has already begun to worry,I have been hesitant or running。
Take the opportunity to sell,Recently looking for a value of money,Seems quite good,Businessman understands,The money of the defeats is best earned……
NS238chapter Jeff·Balin
Introducing the introduction of two days later。
9:00 am on Monday,Customers already find the door,Chen Linzhi arranged a special person responsible for reception。
The legal department is ready,Accounting is also prepared in advance。
Going to work time,Those customer managers pick up the phone on time,Have a list of assigned to them,Ask specific investment matters。
Chen Linzhi is ready to take advantage of the enthusiasm of potential customers.,Hand this batch of people。
Last week special training,If the customer can’t take the time personally visit,You can always serve the requirements according to the requirements,And the customer manager’s bonus welfare will hook the performance,The personnel department led under Fabi,Formulated a specific charter。
Private equity fund companies have more green plant plants,Office area is re-divided。
The partition office area is just going to expire,Will be rented by Chen Linzhi first stay,In fact, he also visited the new office building in San Francisco City.,Unfortunately, the price is too high.,Temporarily unable to bear,Otherwise, buy a job directly to do a more appropriate。
Stand on the window,Looking at the busy scene in front of you,Chen Lin Ganzhi gave birth to the emotions,After all, it is not before.,The company is still like a nursing home.,Even the fund manager has a dumbbell to come over, iron exercise。
Busy half a month,Whole bigness。
Change from the garbage company,Become one of the San Francisco Xinxing Private Equity Fund Company,Sure enough, I can’t worry.,I can only see if I can calm down.。
Chen Linzhi holding a coffee cup。
White thin suit,Gray shirt with accessories,Shoe shoe light tile,Walking from the road。