Summer clouds spit out a breath,“The Guardian Alliance was spread,I am going to push the three education to the front desk.,Replaced,How do you think?”

“Very good。”
Summer is very casual,“When the Liuzi Air drop in Liuzi,A new alliance,You should have this kind of thing.?”
“Be,Liuzi’s business and integration,Very effective,Almost can go up,correct,Are you interested in the town three?,After all, now the whole ancient weapon,Tell you to Wu Shen。”
Summer mouth,“I do not know how。”
“It is not too concerned about the ancient martial arts.,Now, whether it is the secular Ancient Wu Shi and Hidden family,Originally in the mountains,They all want to launch a new leader.,you……”“I’m not interested。”
NS2867chapter Who can’t kill?
Summer is not interested in what the leader of the ancient martial art。
As for what Wu Zhen title,He is more uncomfortable,Will not put it on your heart。
He is such a person。
Others are ambitious,Seeking favorable,Can be fame and ambition,It’s not as good as the home.。
Maybe this personality,I will let him go farther in the martial art.。
Events occurring outside the outside world,He will not act as a visitor。
Recommend nationality and righteousness,Same uncomfortable。
No need for those fame and fortune and constraints,He will use action to make an episode。
now,His thinking is also transitioning in subtle。
Revenge is no longer unique。
He also assumes some responsibility。
This responsibility,It was learned that after he was pregnant with Liu Qingqing.,Graduated transformation。
He is not a person。
But a man who got a marriage certificate,Near future,He will have a child。
many things,Not determined by the will of the person。
many things,It is not he decided to start。
So,As a man’s apprentice,Son of a couple,A father who is about to born children……He is destined to take some responsibility。
What is said for the country?,For national righteousness,For the ancient weapon……These are too high,Both is a set。
He is just in the preserved relatives、friend,Defend dignity。
Important,He stood in this wave。
Even if you don’t go,There will be trend to push him before。
Everyone in the world,Have a responsibility,Whenever,Still high weight。
The enemy has the responsibility of the enemy,He has his。
After returning to the old house,All as usual。
During dinner,Summer deliberately ask your father,About Yejia’s related information。
“Leaf home?
Nothing special。”