“Bride,The disciple begged you.,Tell me how to save her body。”Lin Feng lost his voice:“The disciple begged you.,give me some time。”

“There are Antarctic and Arctic above the earth,You put her body in the south,Solid ice suppression,Can guarantee thirty-three years old,Speak with your modern people,Xuan ice is minus108Degree area。”Big red robe glamorous http://www.hebzgrs.cn girl ghost teacher explained:“And now in the top of her state, three days,So three days you have to put in Xuanbo deep。”
“Antarctic,it is good,I will go to the Antarctic,Put her body in the Antarctic。”Lin Feng looks at the ceiling,He tears rain as follows。
“Go back,And you can practice five poisonous skills,You will find the mystery of them yourself.。”Big red robe glamorous ghost master。
“Five poison?I see。”Lin Feng nodded,I immediately got up and changed my clothes.,Then put on the willow。
“Big brother!”Outside the door,Hong Hai two people are embarrassed,They didn’t stop the will。
“Prepare aircraft to fly to the South Pole,The sooner the better。”Lin Feng’s voice sounded:“The sooner the better。”
“Yes,Big brother。”Dongxing hurriedly,When the Toon is picking up the phone,Contact a airline,Flying to the Antarctic Region,You must not stay any area,Of course, the bid is not。
Lin Feng took the body of Liu.。
His light falls on the table of the housing,The table has been placed in the table.,Lin Feng’s figure gave a past。
He took the chopsticks to eat vegetables,Tears continue to flow。
“Big brother,sorry!”
“Big brother,We didn’t stop the big lady。”
Dongxing,Hong Hai’s figure has gone,They are embarrassed,Low head,The ancestors of the ancestors have come over and have not spoken.。
Lin Feng silent,Tightly holding the willow。
Just then came out of the door.,Dongxing hurriedly went to open the door,A group of people stand outside the door,It is night lonely,Southern President,Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun Wang four people,The back of the four people stood in love,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Two tiger。
“How does the president??”Night lonely asking。
“He is fine.,sorry,President。”Dongxing suddenly came to the face of the Secretary of the Heaven and South.,Kneel on the ground。
“Dongxing,what’s going on?”The session of the Tianguo frown。
“It is my fault,Miss Miss。”Dongxing low。
“sorry!”Hong Hai’s figure has also come over,Kneeling in front of the president of the Naidon。
“sorry!”The ancestors of the ancestors have also gone over and kneeling in front of the Southern Song.。
Everyone is there,The people of the Southeast will have a bad feeling in their hearts.,Love saw the Liu Feng in Lin Fenghuai,Her figure happily gone,Her face is white。
“elegant!”Love hurriedly squatting down the body。
But there is no response。
“Love。”Lin Feng saw that he raised his head.。
“elegant!”At this time, the people of the Southern Sine will come over.,He looked at the daughter lying in Lin Fenghuai,He almost fell to the ground。
“What happened to this end??”Tianguo will kill the sky,光 红 林枫。
“President,Blame us!”Dongxing,Hong Hai,The ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors stood up and came over.。
“what happened?”The Director of the Heaven will look at the body of the daughter.,He is just a tears on the cheek。
“Uncle,Dongxing,Hong Hai,You returned,I ordered you to shut up in the http://www.whwgmnqx.cn name of the president.。”Lin Feng looked at the three people:“Remove!”
“Yes!”Zu Qinglong,Dongxing,Hong Hai three people look at Lin Feng,Stand up and get together。
Lin Feng hugged the gods of Liu Ming to the face of the session of the Heavenly man.:“Oh, in order to save me,Sacrifice her own。”
“say clearly,Why is the body of the snake magic??”Tianguo will be cold and cold:“I want to know everything.,tell me!”He grabs the collar of Lin Feng,Picking Lin Feng directly。