Don’t let air conditioners become bacteria base camp

Don’t let air conditioners become bacteria “base camp”

Legionnaires’ disease is a newly emerging infectious disease that can cause serious respiratory infections due to outbreaks or sporadic diseases. The human body is highly susceptible to infection in an air-conditioned environment that is not cleaned for a long time.
銆€銆€According to Feng Lizhong, head of the Department of Disease Prevention and Control of the Shanxi Provincial Health Department, people of all ages of Legionnaires’ disease are generally susceptible, especially those with chronic diseases or low immune function and long-term smokers.
The disease can occur throughout the year, with the most incidence from June to October.
Static water sources, such as large volume water storage, faucet and shower head, heated swimming pool, air conditioning condensate, ultrasonic humidifier, respiratory medical equipment, etc., are the hiding places of Legionella, especially in air conditioning condensate.
銆€銆€The clinical manifestations of Legionnaires’ disease are diverse, with mild people suffering from a cold and severe cases with high fever and pneumonia.
At present, there is no vaccine to prevent this disease, and it can only be controlled by comprehensive measures of early detection, early treatment and prevention.
銆€銆€Experts suggest that cooling towers, water pipes and other fixed facilities that may cause the proliferation and spread of Legionella should be designed, maintained and managed with easy-to-regulate disinfection methods.
When the cooling tower is not in use, drain the water and periodically clean the machine and remove the scale.
The water supply system can reduce the rate of bacteria by raising the water temperature (above 60 degrees Celsius), regularly flushing the water supply pipeline and disinfecting with chlorine disinfectant.
銆€銆€In particular, in addition to crowded places such as hospitals and hotels, indoor air conditioners, hot water pipes, showers, heaters, etc., where water bodies may remain, should also be cleaned regularly.
When using the air conditioner’s confined space, pay attention to the regular window ventilation, and do not always close the window.
Old and infirm people should be as few as possible in public places with crowded and poor air. Pay attention to exercise and improve the body’s resistance.