but,Still late。

Masters,The battle is the first line.。
He was bombarded by a punch.,Turn out,Blood mad spray。
This punch is too heavy.,Summer feels that your five internal organs are broken.,Breathing is suffocated。
He quickly adjusts the center of gravity,Shade,Dead staring http://www.cchxsgc.cn at each other,“The wind can break through the hero level!”
Wang Xiongbao walks,“Give you a chance,Hand over four gods,I will give you a happy!”
Summer wipes the mouth blood,Snake knife is in front of him,“Gandidity can reach the heavens,It is impossible to be an unknown generation,You are with me,I want to marry the disaster to give it.。”
Wang Xiongiba,“You are still too stupid,Unfortunately, it’s too late.,Tonight is what you are dead.,No one can save you!”
Summer holding a knife forward,Unlimited killing in the eyes。
NS3038chapter Blood fight
Summer is completely desperate,Chemusting a residual shadow。
A knife,Air distortion,Like splitting the world,Established metal 嗡 鸣。
Wang Xiong tying。
He and Bruce,Construct the wind to cultivate the level of God,And very clearly your own short board。
That is the strength of the near-body fight and its own body.。
And now he thinks these two points,Can easily take the summer,But I didn’t expect it.,Summer is still so tough。
A knife in the face,Shorteability,Let the air become viscous,While hindering its speed,A punch。
Both attack,Burst,铿 铿 铿 铿 响 响。
Wang Xiongiba bombards the side of the knife,At the same time,The intensive wind blade is attacked towards the summer。
He slides like a flying fish,Alongside the side,Established a knife to cut out a layer of gray glaucoma,Summer arm。
Summer side turn,Gas machine,Right-handed snake knife,Left hand, punch,Put Wang Tao,Then the snake knife rose skyrocket,Cross-strike。
A sharp burst,Airflow blown,The intensive wind blade is scattered by a knife,Eight-party shot,Wang Tshangba fly backwards,Angered anger。
Even if he also has to admit,Summer close fighting http://www.will-power.cn skills and experience,It’s too enchanting.。
Important,In the face of summer,He always has an illusion。
If you change others,Even if it is in the world and Xia Qixiu,Face yourself,I will also eat a rush。
However, it is easily resolved by the summer.。
Summer is also frowning,Ambitious。
He can feel,Person in front of me,Better Barus is more difficult,Stronger。
Important,The other party is outside the head,The limbs are driven to simulate the Buddha is completely created by fine iron.,Founded。