Qin Shiyi thought,When I was in the hospital,I’ve seen Lin Zhihao,He arranged to bribe the dean,Strandzi has told himself。

But that arrangement was changed to Lin Zhiqiang,Lin Zhihao must have seen it,Must be uncomfortable!
So when Lin Zhiqiang woke up,Hurt,The previous efforts to swallow the Lin family alone,It’s all in vain!
But after Lin Zhiqiang was discharged,I have entrusted Li Qingqiu to do that thing,Not panic at all。
Qin Shi sneered,Heart,Why does Lin Zhihao always come to die by himself?。
“Okay wife,Do not be afraid,I’ll accompany you tomorrow。”
Qin Shi comforted Lin Yun softly。
……Speechless night
The next morning,Lin Yun is going to the Lin Group,Zhang Man continues to stay at home to ensure that Lin Zhiqiang is at home for rehabilitation training。
Mercedes-Benz,Lin Yun is very nervous。
The cooperation with Century Group has twists and turns,Finally settled,I went and took a look at the commercial street yesterday,The shops will be completed soon,Ready to operate。
Don’t make anything wrong!
“Wife,You are going to be vice chairman。”
Qin Shi looked at Lin Yun with an anxious look,Said with a smile。
Lin Yun glanced at Qin Shi unanimously。
The principal of the company is Uncle Lin Zhihao,He served as interim chairman。
What was his mind before?He wants to expel Lin Yun!
Lin Yun’s family has long recognized his true face。
Now I’m afraid of Li Qingqiu’s relationship,So there is no way to take Lin Yun for now。