“I taught myself,Not capable,But carelessness can still help people easily。”

Chen Hao answered a little embarrassed。
“I think you seem to be very professional。”
Yanzi was still surprised。
“Professional,Don’t praise me,Ha ha。”
Chen Hao was talking to Yanzi,I’m not idle,Continue to take turns to massage Song Min。
The swallows look more surprised,I look more admired,This dragon mixed elite female warrior who once crossed the world as the world’s number one female killer,For the second moment, I was deeply impressed by the superb massage technique of an amateur masseur like Chen Hao.!
“Sister Chen,I want to learn this skill from you!”
After watching for a while,Yanzi finally couldn’t help but speak……
“Oh my god!You silly girl!I am not a professional masseur,I just thought it was funny at first,Learned on a whim,You learn from me?Isn’t that funny!”
Chen Hao’s awkward answer。
“I do not care!I will learn from you,you teach me。”
The swallow actually acted like a baby!This scene is funny!A heavily armed female commando,Carrying three automatic rifles,When talking, she is a naughty and cute little cute girl!The contrast is a bit too big!
Chen Hao subconsciously stopped the movement,Turn around with Song Min,Look at the swallow with incredible eyes,Seems to be watching a monster!
Mainly because the swallows at this time,The swallow that orders all the Shen sisters at home,The contrast is too big!It’s totally different。
“Sister Chen,Don’t you teach me?”
Yanzi didn’t care about Chen Hao and Song Min looking at her,Instead, he continued to coquettishly ask Chen Hao。
“teach……I teach。”
Chen Hao could only answer helplessly,Like a pleading way like swallows,Even if the same women,Chen Hao can’t refuse at all。