“Why is this girl the same as Xiaoxue now?I have to strip my sister’s clothes off!What kind of hobby is this?”

Shen Ruoxi started to change the subject,By the way, I hit Yang Shiyun back。
“Looks like she’s really going to find a boyfriend for her,Otherwise it will continue to consume,Her sexual orientation will change。”
Murong Shan immediately cooperated with Shen Ruoxi and teased Yang Shiyun.,She and Shen Ruoxi half a minute ago“hit”Can’t make a deal,This is a truce,The opposing parties immediately automatically formed allies again,Started to unanimously……
“Start talking nonsense again!”
Yang Shiyun replied with a drooping little face with an unhappy look。
“To say that your sexual orientation has changed is nonsense,It’s not nonsense to say that I should find you a boyfriend,Serious,You guys should find a boyfriend,Everyone is big and big。”
Murong Shan pretended to be serious,But what I said is still joking,The truth is true,Chen Hao, Song Min and Yang Shiyun really should find a man,At least in theory。
“You don’t need to worry about the two sisters,I am not interested in men。”
Yang Shiyun’s cold answer。
“Yes,Not interested in men。”
Chen Hao immediately took a sentence。
“I am also not interested in men。”
Song Min naturally also express his position and attitude in time,After all, the three sisters joined forces to deal with the two sisters,It will be much easier。